Learn to speak Swedish

Language Introduction – Learn to speak Swedish

If you are between 16 and 19 years old, and recently arrived in Sweden, you can apply to take a course called Language Introduction. The main focus is to start learning the Swedish language and acquiring knowledge about the Swedish society. However, you can also study other subjects, if you are aiming at further studies.

The course Language 

Introduction aims at giving newly arrived youths between 16 and 19 years old good knowledge of the Swedish language and the Swedish society. 

The goal of the course is that you will acquire a level of knowledge which makes it possible for further studies in the Swedish school system. The content and the study pace are adjusted to your level of competence. In addition to lessons in Swedish and civics you can also study mathematics and sport. Studies in English is also possible depending on interest and skills.

Study Guidance

As a student at Language Introduction you will get study guidance in your native language. On several occasions you will get the chance to discuss and get help with the Swedish language. We try to place this guidance outside of your ordinary schedule, so that it does not affect you ordinary lessons.


The mentor is the contact person from school for you and your parent, legal guardian or trustee. Your mentor makes sure you get the information you need. Together with the mentor, the class works with the school’s basic values and has class meetings. At these lessons you also talk about things like culture, school & work Life, gender equality and sex education.


At the end of each term you receive a report, in ongoing courses, which estimates your progression so far. The report grades are OTP (not enough progression), TP (satisfactory progression) and GP (good progression). If there is a risk of getting the OTP, we will issue a warning beforehand. 

A peaceful study place close to Malmö

The Upper Secondary School Hvilan Utbildning is located in a harmonious and beautiful environment, between Lund and Malmö. The short distance to the city makes it easy to commute by bus or train. The school is regarded as the leading Upper Secondary School specializing in landscaping, arboriculture and floristry. At Hvilan you can study The Natural Science Programme, The Natural Resources Programme and The Handicrafts’ Programme. Every programme gives the possibility of further studies at university. 

Our students are usually between 16 and 19 years old. The school is also engaged in a close collaboration with the university (SLU).

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